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365Trading is a binary options broker that is based in Cyprus. They offer an in-house platform that is integrated with on-demand technical indicators and candlestick charts.

The Good / – They have low minimum deposit and minimum trade size requirements. They also have a proprietary platform that is very easy to use.

The Bad / – They only have around 50+ assets but included are the most profitable ones including gold, silver and stocks of major European companies.

The Bottom Line / – 365Trading has successfully developed a streamlined and intuitive platform that is well-suited for the needs of binary option traders. Their superior trading conditions and requirements open more opportunities to trade with reduced risks and increased potential profits.

Account Features

Demo Account: A year to practice

The free demo account has a $50,000 opening balance and can be used for a period of 1 year. It basically has the same features of a live demo account so I can fully test out my trading strategies with real market conditions.

Bonuses: Up to 100%!

The welcome bonus that they offer can reach up to 100%. This is definitely a good way to start my trades since I have additional funds on my account. They also offer other promotional bonuses to traders in special categories and the amount can go for as high as $10,000.

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Trading Details

Platform: In-house technology

What makes this broker different from the majority of the brands today is that they were able to build their own custom trading platform with integrated candle sticks and technical indicators. It’s quite different from the ones that I have tested before but it’s a lot more responsive and easy to get accustomed with.

365trading trading platform

Mobile Trading: Supports mobile browsers

They may not have developed a mobile application but they do have an intuitive website that is well-optimized for mobile phone and tablet users. The interface is very easy to navigate and loads perfectly well even on small screens.

Tradable Assets: Major European stocks included

They only have around 50+ assets which is a bit inferior to what other brokers offer but what I do like about 365Trading is that they’ve included the most profitable ones including commodities like gold and silver and stocks of major European companies.

365trading assets

Minimum Trade: Best for risk management

Another advantage that I like about this broker is that they only require a minimum trade size of $5. This amount allows me to effectively control my spending habits and monitor the possible risks on every position that I open on their platform.

Payout Rate: Substantial returns

The maximum payout for the standard options is 85% which for me is already a substantial rate. It may not be the highest in the market but what I noticed from the majority of the assets, is that the payout rates are equal or close to the highest scale which means that the returns are mostly competitive.

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Trading Instruments


The standard options are available with a good range of expiries.

60 Seconds

They also offer this short term option with competitive payout rates.

Pair Options

This option is one of the missing instruments in the platform.

Special Options

They offer Long Term option types for those who want to trade with longer expiry rates.

365trading option types

Deposit and Withdrawal

Minimum Deposit: €100 to start trading!

They are one of the very few brokers in the market that require a very low minimum deposit. For just €100, I can already start trading with real money on their platform.

Deposit Methods: Major payment options accepted

I never encountered any problems transferring money into my account because they accept various payment methods like credit cards, debit cards and wire transfer.

365trading deposit

Withdrawal Processing Time: No delays

According to their website, withdrawals can take around 2 to 7 banking days before the funds show up on my chosen banking method. When I did my test, I was able to get my money in a matter of 4 days which is quite fast. Impressive!


Channels: All modes of communication

It’s so easy to communicate with their customer service team because they can be easily reached via phone support. Alternatively, they also have an email and live chat support.

Availability: 24/7 by email, limited by phone

They are only available from 9am to 5pm by phone and 24/7 by email and live chat.

Supported Languages: 4 options

Currently they support English, Spanish, German and Dutch languages.

365trading customer support

User Reviews

Average User Rating: 9.5

This score was provided by various users and its value is taken from the accumulated votes that were given by actual traders who have tested this broker.
365trading user reviews
365trading user reviews
365trading user reviews

Editor’s Opinion

Platform Design: Very basic but effective

I find the layout to bevery basic but for me that is a great advantage because it expedites the platform’s loading time since it is not full of unnecessary graphic elements.

Support: Fast and efficient

I highly commend their support staff for being very fast in delivering their answers all the time whenever I have any questions. In fact, their chat support team is also very quick with their responses.

Reputation: Known for superior platform technology

This broker is widely known for having a superior trading platform which is why I am not surprised that they already have thousands of loyal clients. They are also very popular throughout Europe since they are an entirely European company which means that they easily can respond to their clients who are mostly based in this region.


Editor’s Rating: 91

365Trading has successfully developed a streamlined and intuitive platform that is well-suited for the needs of binary option traders. Their superior trading conditions and requirements open more opportunities to trade with reduced risks and increased potential profits.


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Editors' Top Picks


  1. Kyran Thomson

    They may not accept Bitcoin or other altcoins as of the moment by they do allow CFDs trading into their platform, go ahead and check if you are interested. Their new platform do looks really nice.

  2. Leo Moore

    I signed-up with this broker because they have a real office in Barcelona which is just a drive away from home. I can simply visit them in case of any problems but so far I haven’t experienced any major issues.

  3. Jerry McKeever

    I’d have to agree with the author of this review. The trading conditions are much better with 365 and the support team is a lot friendlier.

  4. Myles Mitchell

    I signed-up with 365Trading initially to try out their demo account, which is like their live account. Eventually, I decided to continue for a real account. I’m giving this broker 4 out of 5 stars.

  5. Penelope Jones

    You won’t face any withdrawal difficulty from 365Trading. I experience it first hand, it may take days but you will be able to get it once you requested for your profit.

    • Gary Lacey

      It is so easy to set-up a demo account with them, they will initially give you a virtual money for your trades. The platform was very much similar to what you are going to use with the real-money account.

    • Nell Ingle

      The platform for the demo account are pretty similar to what they really have for real-money traders, and I think it is just fair. The data was almost as accurate as the one you see in the real market feeds online.

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