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Boss Capital is a new and promising binary options broker that is owned by Altivex Limited which has its headquarters in Gibraltar. They have a large customer base in the UK and many other countries across several continents.

The Good / – In just a short span of time they have managed to go on par with other known binary brokers thanks to their cutting-edge platform and top notch services.

The Bad / – The mobile trading feature is not yet officially launched.

The Bottom Line / – Boss Capital may just be a new entrant in the binary options market but they have managed to match the quality of service and the features that are offered by the long time market leaders. They are definitely off to a good start and it’s not surprising to see this broker rise to the top in this highly competitive binary options market.

Account Features

Demo Account: Practice trades without any risks

This feature can be requested from Boss Capital after the registration and the initial deposit has been done. This is not only excellent for testing out all the features that this broker is offering but is also a very effective way to make practice trades without the need to risk any real money.

Bonuses: Various promotions to choose from

Various bonuses are offered and this will depend on the account package that was selected. I find these bonuses as value-added benefits because it gives me additional funds that I can use for purchasing options. They also allow free access to their trading webinars, provide risk-free-trades and even offer a fixed increased payout.

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Trading Details

Platform: User-friendly and highly sophisticated

Knowing that the platform was developed by TechFinancials gave me an assurance that I won’t experience any bugs or sluggishness. I must say that they’ve done a terrific job in creating a well-optimized web-based interface that is very easy to use and loads lightly on any browser.

bosscapital trading platform

Mobile Trading: Not official yet

Although Boss Capital hasn’t officially announced that they have already an app for Android users, I was able to download it from the Google Play store and test its functionality. It runs basically the same as the web-based platform so I am really excited when they make the official release.

Tradable Assets: Plenty of choices

Good thing this broker has a good range of assets to offer which is currently at 118. This definitely increases the probability of making good trades since I won’t miss any opportunity and I can choose from the different set of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.

bosscapital assets

Minimum Trade: Much lower!

Each asset can be traded with a minimum investment amount of $10. It’s a lot lower than the standard minimum trade size that is required by the majority of the brokers today.

Payout Rate: Highly competitive

After looking at the listed assets on the platform I was surprised to see that the majority of the payout rates range from 70% to 80% while the highest rate is 85%. These numbers are definitely on the high side.

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Trading Instruments


The Call/Put trading instrument is of course available and the range of expiries are highly flexible.

60 Seconds

Not only do they offer 60 second options but they also have other short term expiries like 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes.

Pair Options

It’s unfortunate that they don’t have this trading instrument.

Special Options

The other special options are One Touch and Boundary which both have very high payout rates.

bosscapital option types

Deposit and Withdrawal

Minimum Deposit: Reasonable amount

The minimum initial deposit that is required to open an account with this broker is $200 which for me is reasonable given that they have a good number of tradable assets and a wide range of expiries.

Deposit Methods: Transactions made easy

I never had any problems adding funds to the account since they support various payment methods like credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and wire transfer.

Withdrawal Methods: Easy and secured

The experience was the same for making withdrawals. The process is very easy and simple.

bosscapital deposit

Withdrawal Processing Time: Amazingly fast

I was amazed on how fast they are in processing withdrawal requests. Usually it takes around a week to get my money back with most brokers but with Boss Capital, it only took 3 business days for the refund.


Channels: More ways to connect

Contacting their support department was never a problem since there are various methods to reach them. I can choose to call them via phone, communicate via email or get instant assistance via live chat.

Availability: All day and night

It’s not an issue whether I need to contact them early in the morning or late in the evening because their support is available 24/7.

Supported Languages: Limited

For now the only language that they support for their website is English, Japanese and Russian. However, their contact numbers have a wide coverage across all continents including North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

bosscapital customer support

User Reviews

Average User Rating: 9.7

This score was provided by various users and its value is taken from the accumulated votes that were given by actual traders who have tested this broker.
bosscapital user reviews
bosscapital user reviews
bosscapital user reviews

Editor’s Opinion

Platform Design: Organized and easy on the eyes

What I really liked about the design is that it doesn’t have too much graphics which usually causes the platform to slow down. It’s very easy on the eyes and all the essentials are well-organized. It’s easy to find what I am looking for because there are no distracting elements on the interface.

Support: Top notch

I must say that their support delivered the kind of service that I need – fast and direct. And it doesn’t matter if I choose to contact them via phone, email or live chat because the service quality is always top notch.

Reputation: Highly credible

Boss Capital may just be a new binary options brand but they are definitely off to a good start. In fact they have been lauded by a lot of traders particularly in the US market. The good number of feedbacks that I’m hearing and the various positive reviews that I’ve read is a testament that they are indeed reputable.


Editor’ Rating: 90

Boss Capital may just be a new entrant in the binary options market but they have managed to match the quality of service and the features that are offered by the long time market leaders. They are definitely off to a good start and it’s not surprising to see this broker rise to the top in this highly competitive binary options market.


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  1. Chris

    Boss Capital is among the only few brokers that accept traders like me who are based here in the US. Contrary to the fears of some regarding foreign based binary brokers, I’ve been a member of Boss since June 2014 and I never had any problems withdrawing my money from my account.

    • sitbon

      Same here. At first I was hesitant to sign-up with Bosscapital since I am also US-based but I realized I was just being paranoid after being able to cash out without any problems.

  2. mark b

    Their platform is very light to use and the payout rates are good. Make sure to use the sell options feature so you won’t incur bigger losses when your trades don’t go as you predicted.

  3. binary gal

    Boss capital give nice bonuses depending on the amount you deposit in an account when signing up,
    they have varies account packages to suit every pocket!

  4. Tony Beck

    It’s disappointing to learn that they stopped accepting clients from the United States. Fortunately I moved to London so I was able to continue trading with this broker.

    • Will Drucker

      I was also affected by their new policy to withdraw their support for US-based clients. I envy those who are still able to trade with this broker because their service is really good

  5. Donald Coggins

    Their platform is a lot more responsive compared to the other brokers I have tested before. It’s good to know that they have improved their asset selection since last year.

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