Get a $50 Cashback When You Register with HighLow

Receive an instant cashback on your first $50 traded amount from your account when you sign-up for an account with HighLow. This is a fund that is sent back into your trading account after made your trade and this is regardless if win or lose. Best of all, funds can be withdrawn with no strings attached.

For example, if you have $100 in your account and you have the $50 cashback available. If you invested $10 on lets say the EUR/USD pair which pays 2.00 then your investment will give you a return of $10 that will be added into your trading account. A cashback that matches your investment will add another $10 to your funds giving you a total of $120 in your trading account and a remaining of $40 on your cashback funds.

Register now with HighLow and be qualified for the Cashback!

*Remember that trading binary options can be a risk so always remember to trade with what you can afford.

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