Scoring Policy

Binary CompariZone is providing you with this scoring policy in a concentrated effort to explain the ratings and to bring you the most accurate details regarding our grading system. We believe this is specific enough to identify the differences in quality of each brand. We try our best to bring you the most accurate and the most recent details on each broker. However some of the parameters may not be available and for the meantime we will give them a score of 0.

Regulation (Possible scores: 0 or 5)
Trading with a regulated broker is one of the most important factors to consider and it is important to verify if their license is still active. Regulation helps to guarantee the ability of a broker to honor their obligations towards their clients. That means your account is protected and insured.

Accepting US Traders (Possible scores: 0 or 5)
A lot of brokers are not accepting traders from the US due to the regulations and rules which is why it is reasonable enough to determine if they are capable of accepting traders in a country that are bound by strict laws.

Demo Account (Possible scores: 0 or 5)
This feature is beneficial not just for newbie traders but also for advanced traders as well. It should have a platform that can be fully tested for full immersion and must allow practice trading in a risk-free setting.

Welcome Bonuses (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
Bonuses serve as fund extenders and these amounts can be used to making more trades so a bigger bonus will definitely give you more advantage. This will be based on the maximum rate and the highest amount that you can possibly receive.

Education (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
The education center is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced traders. It should have educational materials and other trading tools to improve your trading skills and increase your knowledge in order to become a successful trader.

Platform (Possible scores: 0 to 10)
Brokers use a trading platform to run the interface. What’s measured here is the speed and reactiveness of the trading software and if it does offer a favorable opportunity for you to reach your full earning potential.

Tradable Assets (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
Most financial trading brokers offer a variety of tradable assets consisting of stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. However, not all of them offer the same quantity but the general idea is that the more assets available, the better so that you can diversify your trading portfolio.

Minimum Trade Size (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
With a lower minimum trade size, you can effectively manage and have a hold over the risks since you can place an option with a much lower investment amount. If a broker allows a much lower trade size value then you can have more control over your finances.

Payout Rate (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
Each broker offers a different payout which is why it is ideal to select the one that offers a high payout rate and it must be highly considered as it will quantify the amount that you can possibly get out of a successful trade.

Special Options (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
Due to the unique properties of binary options, a broker can offer you different instruments aside from the standard Call/Put and 60 second options so you are able to make the most of every trade. The more trading instruments on a platform, the better.

Minimum Deposit (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
The minimum deposit is the initial amount that is required to be placed into the account. Although theoretically, a lower amount is an added advantage, a higher deposit requirement might also result in more benefits depending on the perks of the broker.

Withdrawal Processing Time (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
The time it takes to withdraw the money from your trading account can vary from a few working days to over a week. It should be efficient, guaranteed and must not be prone to delays.

Platform Design (Possible scores: 0 to 5)
Aside from the speed and responsiveness of the platform, another important factor that is included in our review is the quality of the design. Is it engaging or visually pleasing? These elements can contribute to the trading environment and atmosphere.

Support (Possible scores: 0 to 10)
A good binary options broker will always have a good customer support and this can be easily measured on the quality and speed of their response to questions and requests. They should be capable of handling various customer issues and must be honest with their answers.

Reputation (Possible scores: 0 to 10)
It is vital to go with a reliable broker with a reputation that is in tact and it’s easy to avoid the shady and suspicious brands by determining their credibility. This parameter is measured based on the broker’s standing in the market and their track record in the industry.

User Reviews (Possible scores: 0 to 10)
This will be dependent on the actual experiences of various users and its value is taken from the accumulated votes that were given by actual traders who have tested this broker. We carefully filter out the feedbacks and scores that are submitted to us to get the most accurate results.

Editor’s Bonus (Possible scores: 0 to 10)
This is the editor’s opinion after a thorough and comprehensive evaluation has been made. The editor decides if the broker deserves the extra points based from their very own experience and objective analysis.

At the end of each scoring table you will be provided with a total score with a highest possible value of 100. We highly recommend that you carefully analyze and put a lot of consideration into these details so you can make the most concrete and guided decision on which broker to choose and sign-up with.

If you’re working for a brokerage firm and would like to provide an update regarding your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to update it on our database.